DIBI Milano Facials

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Latest technology to renew and infuse the skin. Combine with most of the DIBI facials.


For fragile and sensitized skin.

60 mins £145

DIBI Gold Facial

For glowing, hydrated skin.

60 mins £145

DIBI Face Perfection Facial 

To cleanse deep down, renew, revitalize, hydrate and make the skin stronger against
external aggression.

40 mins £75

DIBI Pure Equalizer

For oily, combination, congested, open pores & acne prone skin.
The skin is purified and mattified, the complexion looks even, the pores are minimized and the texture is refined.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £85 / £125

DIBI Defense Solution

A calming, restructuring treatment for sensitive, reactive, intolerant skin types. Soothes and reduces dryness, supports the skin’s natural defense system and promotes homeostasis of the skin barrier, with an anti-stress effect.

60 mins £95

DIBI Hydra Perfection

A treatment for optimal balance of moisture and nourishment in the skin.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £85 / £125

DIBI White Science

For dull skin tone, Hyper-pigmentation, irregular skin colour, dull-looking complexion & acne scarring.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £105 / £135

DIBI Lift Creator

The LIFT CREATOR treatment. A renewing, reforming and lifting treatment come together to target Elastosis which causes skin to look saggy.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology                                                                                                                                                             £105 / £135

DIBI Acid Infusion Peel

The ACID INFUSION treatment is highly functional and designed to work deep down, rejuvenating the skin and restoring is youthful glow with its renewing and bioactivating action.

50 mins £95

DIBI Age Method

For more elastic, even and compact skin with minimised wrinkles.
Specific for restoring youth to face, neck, décolleté, eyelids and lips.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £105 / £135

DIBI Filler Code Facial

For mature skin, ageing skin. Treating all types of wrinkles.

60 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £105 / £135

KRF Radio Frequency Facial

For skin needing tightening & firming.

30 mins £95 – £495

DIBI Hydra Booster Facial

A hydration that stimulates the physiological mechanisms so the correct moisture reserves are established in the cutaneous tissues.

70 mins / + Dermoregen Technology £95 / £135