DIBI White Science Facial

DIBI White Science Facial

For dull skin tone, Hyper-pigmentation, irregular skin colour, dull-looking
complexion & acne scarring.

A professional spot correcting serum, helps to slow down the formation of melanin and gives a brightening effect for a radiant skin tone.
The synergistic combination of the Brightening Collagen Mask and the Mask Activator creates a high performance second skin mask that works on pigmentation and discoloration of the complexion.

Whitology complex. Anti-oxidant, ant-inflammatory & anti-spot.
Citric Acid. Skin lightening booster.
Licorice Root & Grape seed extract. Anti-oxidant properties.
Ectoine. Cell protection booster.
Alpha-Arbutin. Tyrosinase enzyme inhibitor.
Collagen Veil mas.k Promotes plump, firm & elastic skin.
Hyaluronic Acid. Moisturising & hydrating.
Vitamin C. Anti-oxidant, Inhibits melanin production, lightens hyperpigmentation & enhance skin radiance.
Glycolic Acid. Speeds up cell turnover for a brighter complexion.

* With DERMOREGEN technology using intensive serums for a deeper effect.


60 mins £105 / *£135