DIBI Age Method Facial

For anyone who wants a younger looking, smoother face with a brighter complexion.
Also suitable for eye contour, eyelids and lips.  .

AGE METHOD, a universal youth treatment inspired by epigenetics, the science of genes.
The treatment offers two actions:

  • It defends the biological and cellular capital, protecting against daily stress, fatigue, jet-lag and climatic changes;
  • It restructures and performs a global intense anti-age action, intervening on the damage caused by skin and hormonal ageing, smoothing the features, minimising expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the skin’s structure.

For more elastic, even and compact skin with minimised wrinkles.
Specific for restoring youth to face, neck, décolleté, eyelids and lips.

* With DERMOREGEN technology for a deeper effect


60 mins £105 / *£135