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Home Fragrancer (Electric)


Our beautifully crafted, ceramic Home Fragrancer brings an aromatherapy experience to the comfort of your own home. Select an essential oil that reflects your given mood or need at any time. Drop it on, plug in and infuse its ambient aromatics throughout a chosen space.

Directions For Use:

Sprinkle a few drops of any Aromatherapy Associates room fragrance or essence onto the fragrancer dish and turn it on. Unplug when desired. Designed not to overheat. To clean: wipe fragrancer whilst still warm with a tissue, before switching off.


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Support Breathe Collection (worth £136)


Clear your senses with the Support Breathe Collection.
The blend is infused with Tea Tree, known for centuries to be anti-septic
and anti-viral, Eucalyptus to ease breathing and Pine, renowned
for its antibacterial properties.

Support Breathe Collection is what you need right now. Infused with essential oils of Tea Tree, known for centuries to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral, Eucalyptus, known to ease breathing, and Pine, renowned for its antiseptic properties, each essential oil comes together to release a soothing aroma that helps to clear your senses and lift jaded energy.

This special collection contains:

Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil, 55ml

Support Breathe Essence, 10ml

Support Breathe Roller Ball 10ml

Electric Home Fragrancer




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Wellbeing Home Fragrance Collection (worth £121)


Three therapeutic essential oil blends and our Pebble Home Diffuser worth £121, now £75.

Your home is now your everything, use the power of essential oils to signal times of the day.

Start your morning with the refreshing and cleansing powers of Eucalyptus, pine and tea tree in Support Breathe.

Uplift your senses in the afternoon with invigorating Neroli, Bergamot and the sweet release of Frankincense in Revive.

Wind down with the peaceful blend of relax, where warming notes of West Indian Bay mingle with balancing, floral notes of Geranium and the earthiness of Myrrh.

This set contains:
Home Diffuser
Support Breathe Essence, 10ml
Revive Room Fragrance, 10ml
Relax Room Fragrance, 10ml