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Localised concentrate in single-dose vials, with firming and elasticising action.
Liquid serum.
Single-dose ampoule – 5 ml

Main Benefits

Intensive serum with firming effect, with targeted action to lift the tissues and minimise visible sagging of the skin. Formula with double action on the skin’s supporting fibres: it restores elastin, which provides elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen, which provides tone. Also formulated for menopausal women.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamins B5, C, E, PP


Coenzyme Q10



First, shake the product then break the vial, apply the dispenser and remove the cap. Apply morning and/or evening on the areas of the inner arm, breast, abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh, before your usual cream. Rub in until fully absorbed.

Tonic Lifter Firming Youth Cream 200ml


It counters the signs of skin sagging and ageing, such as lifeless, dull skin and extensive wrinkles. Also suitable for the breast area. Also formulated for menopausal women.

Main Actives:
Vitamins B5, C, E, PP

Co Enzyme Q10

Shea Butter

How to Apply:

Apply with a light massage on your whole body, even on damp skin after showering. For application on the breast area, massage with two-hands: place one hand on the lower part of the breast and massage outwards with light pressure and circular movements, while the other hand should start from the upper part of the breast, massaging inwards.