DIBI The Gold

The origin of youth is captured in a noble element: Gold, the icon of perfection and purity. DIBI MILANO sublimates the golden virtues in a line that captures and enhances the uniqueness, inner confidence and energy of every woman. Unique and precious formulations, true jewels that pay homage to the luxury of being a woman. The Gold is the line offering multi-corrective action, with noble active ingredients and real promises:

  • youth, cell activity, the production of collagen and proteoglycans are stimulated, contrasting and reducing the onset of lines and wrinkles;
  • rebirth, the metabolism and the state of the skin are strengthened, the skin acquires a more nourished, smoother and even appearance;
  • vitality, for more compact, pure and radiant skin.

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DIBI The Gold


Youth Cream 45ml £180.00
Youth Mask £105.00