The Treatment Rooms Silk Travel Pillow and Pillow Slip and Eye Shade

Silk Travel Pillow & Travel Size Pillow Slip & Eye Shade


The perfect travel gift.

This silk filled pillow, 30 x 40cm, 100% Long Mulberry Silk in a seamed Habatoi silk shell. Included is a removable, washable, silk pillow slip. The pillowslip is made from high quality heavy 19 momme weight silk charmeuse with a satin sheen finish, which is soft and beautiful to the touch Colour Ivory. Beauty Sleep on the go. Great for travel and nights away from home. Eye Shade: Made with an outer of 100% ivory silk, filled with a delicate layer of lightly wadded silk floss, an inner of black silk provides minimal light interruption, allowing us to produce the melatonin needed to aid sleep, while letting the skin effectively breathe overnight. Black silk ribbons affix the shade ensures there are no seams to crease the face. Silk naturally contains cellular albumen fibre. It helps reduce the signs of ageing, while not allowing the skin to dry out during the night or absorb your skin care products, unlike cotton, so helping to protect it from developing more lines and sleep creases. It will also reduce dryness in the hair. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.