IPL Aculight Permanent Hair Reduction

Intense Pulsed Light. Non-invasive, effective and painless light therapy.

Price is quoted per treatment but available in packages of 6. Buy 6 but pay for 5.

How it works
The light is attracted to pigmentation, so the more pigment in the hair the better. The skin must be paler than the hair as you don’t want the light going to the skin pigment. The light causes a heat reaction which effectively burns the rooted hair. Not all hairs are rooted at the same time so multiple treatments are needed.

For a consultation we must be able to see the hair. Between treatments you may cut or shave the hair but not remove it from the root or bleach it. It is ideal for bikini and underarm hair as these areas are usually darker hair on paler skin. It also greatly reduces ingrowing hairs.

Consultation and Patch Test£50
Facial areas from (per treatment)£42
Underarms (per treatment)£78
Backs from (per treatment)£125
Chests from (per treatment)£65
Bikini from (per treatment)£78
Half Legs (per treatment)£165

A course of treatments is recommended for best results. Courses are sold in packages of 6. You may require more than 1 course. This will be discussed in consultation.